Rotary Clubs’

Humanitarian STAR Awards

Celebrating Outstanding Humanitarian Achievements in Science, Technology, Aerospace and Robotics

Recognizing Greatness

Advances in technology are happening at a rapid pace. Scientists and researchers are developing new breakthroughs that are changing the way in which we live, what we know about the universe, and how our society overcomes obstacles, both personal and planetary.

This year, Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards honored 5 outstanding recipients in 4 categories, each presenting a brief summary of their work. The Helios Award this year was presented to Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia.

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STAR Awards Medical

Health and Medical

STAR Awards Environment

Environmental Improvement


The Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards honor outstanding scientific and technological accomplishments in four categories: Health and Medical, Environmental Improvement, Knowledge Sharing, and Disaster Relief and Recovery.

STAR Awards Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

STAR Awards Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief and Recovery