Lauren Bon, PhD

PhD Candidate, UC Santa Cruz, Architect, Environmental Artist, LA, Founder of Metabolic Studios.

Category of Humanitarian Benefit: Environmental Improvement

Short Biography/Background

Lauren Bon is an ecological artist and philanthropist who has been able to showcase cutting edge work in ecological water filtration and soil bioremediation. She celebrates the LA River watershed through her creative work in acoustic sound and music, as well as her research work on ecological water filtration and soil bioremediation. She is invested in ecological restoration through native plants and mycology, providing a model resource for the surrounding community.

Project Name and Description

Lauren’s work in soil bioremediation makes a powerful statement of the depth and pervasiveness of our industrial pollution. She offers a way to heal and transform that pollution into life-giving systems. She has also demonstrated water conservation and filtration techniques.


The findings from experiments done on soil bioremediation offer methods and techniques for replication across polluted urban environments. We will be developing technical guides and resources for the community to access freely.